April 18, 2010

Maybe He Doesn't Want to Ruin the Friendship

"I'm so disappointed. I have this friend I've known platonically for about five years. He lives in a different city and recently was in town, so we met for dinner. All of a sudden it felt like we were on a date. He was completely flirting with me. He even said to me, as he was checking me out: "So, what, you're in the whole 'model' thing now?" (That's flirting, right?)
Well, I'm disappointed because it's been two weeks and he hasn't called me. Can I call him? He might be nervous about turning the friendship into romance. Can't I give him a nudge now? Isn't that what friends are for?

"Dear Friendly Girl,

Two weeks is two weeks, except when it's five years and two weeks. That's how long ago he decided weather he wanted to date a girl who looks like a model. Can you be a pal and give him a nudge? Nudge away, friendster - but watch out how fast that nudge doesn't return a phone call. And if your dinner/date did feel different to him, it's been two weeks and he'd had time to think about it and decide he's just not that into you.
Here's the truth: Guys don't mind messing up a friendship if it could lead to sex, whether it be a "fuck buddy" situation or a meaningful romance. Go find someone that lives in your zip code who will be rocked to the core by your deep conversation and model looks."

He's Just Not That Into You
by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo

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